What’s this all about then? Project: Shadowlondon first post

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Should you have accidentally found yourself on this page without any idea as to why, I’ll let you know what you’re getting yourself in for. This is NOT an attempt to save the world on my part. I’m just on a solo mission to get published, to see if I can crack it as an author.

At the time of posting this, I’m not at my most imperious level of self-confidence, thanks to the way my last paid job ended. The one point I’d probably agree on with my old employers on was that what I was doing ultimately probably wasn’t my thing. However I really enjoyed the part about earning some money as of course that kicks a whole load of stress out of the window. And as everyone knows, this isn’t exactly the best time to be job hunting.

It’s one thing to be working for The Man and not wanting to be. It’s quite another when The Man doesn’t seem to want to know [nothing new there then]. So that gives one of several reasons that attempting to follow your dreams and aspirations is a perfectly valid tactic. Another is that I’m pretty sure it can be done. ‘A highly competitive industry’? What isn’t these days? And as for those people who interview you who ask you what you do and what you like, and you tell them, and they laugh in your face? Well they should probably also do one.

So this is the thinking behind how I got here at least. Second, why ‘Project: Shadowlondon’? Answer: it’s another writing thing. I’ve had a novel on the go for the last few years, and though I’ve finally ‘finished’ it, and am slowly sending it out to the world, the next thing is whether anyone takes up on it. It would be nice…

Finally – if you happen to be reading this, here is what you can expect. I’ve kind of put this up as a project for myself.  A place I can just put up witterings, inspirations, and whatever I may one day come back to and find relevant for other projects. It’s also one of the places I will come to as a way of sorting myself help as I need it. So straight after this, up goes the first of these efforts. This one is a team effort.

Which brings this post full-circle I guess. While I stick by the statement that this is not an attempt on my part to save the world, if someone has read this having repeatedly been told about what they can’t do, and just one thing they see at any point here encourages them to do something to stick a finger up at that notion, I shall have at least secretly succeeded somewhere.

Project: Shadowlondon then. Write, draw, sing, act, fly – whatever. Just don’t go hurting anybody.

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