Posted: March 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I haven’t posted for longer than scheduled. I got a fair way through a post a couple of weeks ago but I’m now saving it – as it is literally another story…

My quest from day one of this blog has been going really well lately! I’ve had some cool stuff happen. A few jobs have come in on the copy editing side, one of which being a new wargame which has just gone live. Check out Realm – it’s a fantasy setting with some twists on what you may know and a great background. I can’t take any credit for writing it, but would like to give a big shout to the man who did – David Lascelles. Also thanks to David, I went from having a quick look at one or two of his pieces for the game to being brought on board for the whole thing! Look on the ‘About’ section by the way – that’s me on the editing credits!

Now, it’s new and needs your support as a product – and as such is after a little funding. In return, more fun stuff will become available – especially if you want more artwork like that rather excellent wallpaper on the site. Also, because it’s basically a nice online, ‘living’ document, the idea is that the content stays fresh and regularly updated, so you don’t have to clear room on your shelves for your 4th Edition book, Player’s Guide, Nation Guide or all that. It’s all looking shiny – so get yourselves on to the Indiegogo site (it’s a little like Kickstarter) and see what it’s all about there too!

The other big thing is that I’ve just signed a contract with Xchyler Publishing! You’ll be able to see pics, a bio and everything!! More news as it comes, but a story that some of you have kindly read and offered useful feedback on at points in the last few years is sat on someone’s desk and will at some point in the near future be unleashed upon the general public as a whole. This is, of course, both hugely exciting and utterly terrifying at the same time! Even releasing a Facebook page for this sort of thing is kind of scary…

Right – now that I’ve both caught everything up and made these announcements, my next job is to ensure I kick myself up the backside and make sure I have something for you to read regularly enough. I need a plan to reward certain ‘like’ landmarks on my FB page, catch up with a bunch of stuff I want to post about on here, that sort of thing.

So I shall see you soon! Also – yay!!

  1. joannavdh says:

    Hiya! That’s fab about the contract – well done! And what a great blog! x

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