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Twitterview Plus

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today, I had my first ‘Twitterview’ with Xchyler Publishing. Interview on Twitter with all answers were hence 140 characters or less. I’ve decided it’d be cool to record on this page. Whilst I’ll keep things as ‘raw’ as possible, I will also be extending some of my answers by way of later comments. For now, this is it!

While we’re here, most of you will already know this, but you can follow me on @RASmithPSL if you would like. And Xchyler Publishing are on @XchylerPublish .

Right – into transcript:

XP: Well @RASmithPSL, are you ready to get this started?

Me: Ready as I’ll ever be 🙂

XP: Tell us about yourself. Who is R.A. Smith?

Me: Russell’s my first name. Between day jobs, been writing about one thing or other since I was small. Avid gamer!

XP: And if I am right you are also an active LARPer too. I find it interesting your writing genre differs from the LARP you do.

Have you thought about writing a more knight’s in armor kind of story?

Me: VERY active LARP/LRPer at the moment! I enjoy a number of genres, Traditional epic fantasy may happen one day!

Yes, I’ve started a project which is some way away. The initial protagonist is a window cleaner!

XP: Window Cleaner… Interesting, can’t wait to see how you pull this one off.

Me: I’m going to love getting that one finished. Jet packs and a floating city all factor! #XP

XP: As of now, what genres are you representing?

Me: My two things ‘out there’ between now and the end of the year cover hi-tech crime and urban/paranormal fantasy.

XP: I know Oblivion Storm, the Urban/Paranormal Fantasy, will be released December 12th. Tell us about it.

Me: It’s the story of two women. The first is a Victorian urchin who finds herself heir to a mansion with a secret.

Iris ‘Tally’ Grenshall ends up on a mission to save London from a terrible evil.

In the present day, ‘Rose’ survives an Underground attack, dealing with memory loss and a monstrous undead menace.

I stuck a blurb on my blog page for a little more info: 

XP: Can you tell us how this marketing photo fits Oblivion Storm, how can people relate this to your book?

Me: Now, the ghost in the background would be Tally. She is pictured wearing a necklace, a quest item for Rose (front).

The necklace has great power over the dead, those who are ‘Unresting’. They come in many flavours. The knife? Spoiler 🙂

XP: If people wanted to stalk you, where could they find you besides here on twitter?

Me: I blog when I can here:  and have the #FB page: …

Does anyone have questions for @RASmithPSL?

 ‏@Ninfa76 @XchylerPublish#XP what was the inspiration behind your characters? 🙂

Me: Good question! ‘Rose’ was inspired by this ‘Piano Man’ news story some years ago. With added necromancy 🙂

Tally – I don’t know. She just turned up. Kara was my nod to the time I’ve spent in Manchester.

N: awesome 🙂 can’t wait to meet your heroines! 🙂

Me: I am equally proud of my villains 🙂

N: Ah, what’s a story without a hateful foe! 😉

Me: I prefer to think of them as ‘motivated’ 🙂 #XP

@darkenscorpio Where do you get your ideas for your books? Do you have a special place they come to you at?

Me: Awesome question. No special place really – on a bus, while I’m doing something else – anywhere really!

XP: As a writer, I think you have to learn to write anywhere.

Me: My trusty notebook, tasks app on my phone and Post-It notes have all been vital tools!

DS: Do you believe in ghost or do you just write about them?

Me: Not certain either way. But spend an hour in the cemeteries in Arnhem and I defy you not to look twice!

DS: I bet you spent a lot of time among the stones lol Do you like the creepy crawly spooks like Halloween tales?

Me: A one-armed guy told a story there. That’s where the ‘dead winds’ in OS come from. Seriously scary.

DS: Creepy but sounds fun as well. Hearing ghost tales is one of my favorite past times.

Great fun, this Twitterview thing. Hopefully won’t be my last! As I say, I will be adding further information by way of commentary later on.

Public Service Announcements

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hello readers and thank you for your patience; I know it’s been a while.

Much has gone on since I last broadcast. First off; you ought to know (if you don’t already) that The Grenshall Manor Chronicles, Book 1 has a new title. Misery’s Tear is no more. All hail the coming Oblivion Storm.

Check out all the awesome tweaks, folks!

Now, with the tale containing a bunch of things which go bump in the night (bonus prize for anyone who tells me the origin of that phrase), undead of various flavours and other supernatural elements, I was kind of looking forward to getting something out in time for All Hallow’s Eve. However, everyone has been working their literary butts off in order to get everything suitably polished – but between one thing and other, we have collectively agreed to push back the release in order to get the version we want – and that everyone who has been of so much help and support to me up to now deserves. To that end, we’re now looking at December, but rest assured, I will keep everyone posted at every turn.

So, thank you for your continued patience. I plan to have nothing but good news for you all from now until release. Amongst other things such as guest posts and the like, I’m planning to give you all a few little bits and pieces as teasers and treats to keep you entertained. Why, I have several coming up in this post alone!

First of all then, I have to link you to the wonderful new Xchyler Publishing website. Look for yourself at the shiny. There is an updated logo, information on other releases, that sort of thing.

Second: I really should introduce you to the Forged In Flame anthology.

How cool is this?

I’ve been watching this project develop alongside my own since I got on board with my own. And it looks shiny. I am very excited to say I shall be expecting a copy shortly – and also excited to announce that you’ll be hearing from a Forger on this very site relatively soon! From those who didn’t guess from the picture, I can sum the anthology theme up with one word: dragons! There’s a release party for it on Facebook, October 31, with giveaways and the like here. Get on board!

Now back to me, as the Old Spice Man would say. A while back, I posted up the back cover blurb as was. With a change in cover also came a change in blurb, so I should share that here too. I will leave you all with that – and ask that you watch this space in the coming weeks!  Enjoy:

Over a century past, a wily young pauper wins the hearts of a childless couple of ancient nobility, and a place in one of the most prestigious families in London. The sole heir to the Grenshall family legacy, Iris ‘Tally’ Grenshall fights to protect her family from the machinations of an evil woman, but discovers her adversary presents a threat much greater than she ever imagined…

The victim of a brutal attack, Rose remembers one thing: a long-dead woman giving her an impossible task. She knows only the price of failure as she sets out to retrieve a deadly talisman, with the aid of new friends and powers over the living and the dead. As the body count rises, Rose’s quest grows desperate—with London itself in jeopardy.

Rose and Tally share fates intertwined. Rose must discover how before the secrets of the past destroy her, her friends, and all of London.

Catch you all soon.