The Coming Storm and Next Big Thing tags

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

So, 12.12.12. Not only the last repetitive date likely in this lifetime, not only a date correct for calendar formats both sides of the pond, but also the date on which Oblivion Storm is released to the world. It’s been a long road, but ARCs are already out to those who asked for them and final, final tweaks, pre-match hype and all that stuff is go. So you have been warned. Out in time for Christmas!

Oblivion Storm Full Cover

In other news, I promised you tags for people doing my neck of The Next Big Thing. It seems I’m on the later end of this, so most people I’ve asked have already done it or are unavailable. I presently have three.

Step forward: Joy Phillips, Jana Boskey (who will be guesting here) and Julieanne Lynch [whoseFacebook page can be found here].  Room for two more, if anyone is wanting to be tagged.

Expect a few posts this week as we’re leading up to the big day. Things will be trickling in.

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