Oblivion Storm Trailer

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Oblivion Storm: The Movie!

This the Grenshall Mansion

Well, not quite. But close, huh? Maybe one day. . .

No, this I’m talking about the book trailer for Oblivion Storm, and I am absolutely delighted with the way it’s turned out.

Mostly, this is another link to make sure the trailer is up here, but this post is also a chance for me to say thank you to a few people. First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the people who have liked the page and shared it with others. Every little helps. And it’s not little to me – it’s huge.

I’d also like to thank Mary at Xchyler Publishing, for getting me ready for the whole book trailer thing. After a few chats, ideas rolled out  and eventually I had a storyboard concept. Which that man Dale Robert Pease, who also did the magnificent cover, brought to life as only he could have done.  It was then just a case of refining the text a little. When I watched a test run with the words I’d initially sent across, a little polishing had to happen, but we got there. It was like drafting a novel, I tell you! Only with the added fun of a music score to consider too!

Thank you, everyone! Have a watch, and if you like it, share it and spread the word!

Xchyler Publishing have put up this wonderful new page for Oblivion Storm which features a link to the trailer, an author profile and of course more information on Oblivion Storm. Including, for that matter, where to buy it! Have a look – there are even links to reviews if you want some other opinions on the book!

  1. Nice job – unsettling enough at work where I couldn’t get the music for some reason. Even better with the strings attached. Movie rights?

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