World Book Night

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Uncategorized


Tomorrow early evening, I shall be around for a World Book Night giveaway along with a number of other authors. One of them, D.A. Lascelles, has already put all the details up here.

I shall mostly have bookmarks and readings on offer, though of course will be around for coffee and any strange questions you may have for me.

Meanwhile, apologies for being quiet for a while. Lots going on at the moment and it’s mostly good on the writing front. One related matter would be the most recent guest post I did for Xchyler Publishing, which I’ve linked here in case you didn’t catch it the first time. There are plenty more from other writers by now I can recommend reading too!

Right. More pictures. I hope to see some of you very soon!


  1. Hope the event went well! We should do more gigs in coffee houses over here, though maybe sell more books if there’s booze about?!

  2. Yeah, we were pretty happy with the way things went anyway. Both a decent turnout of new people as well as friends, and being able to speak and enjoyed fielding all the questions we had. Well worth doing. And we have ideas already for next year!

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